Superscripts and Subscripts

The Superscripts and Subscripts Unicode block is a range of code points in the Unicode standard that represents a variety of superscript and subscript characters. The characters in this block are used to create superscript and subscript text, which is text that is written slightly above or below the regular line of text. Superscript and subscript text is commonly used in mathematical and scientific writing, as well as in other contexts where numerical or technical information needs to be presented in a compact form. The Superscripts and Subscripts Unicode block includes a wide range of characters, such as numerical digits, mathematical operators, and other symbols that are commonly used in superscript and subscript text. It also includes a number of characters that are used to create fractions and other compound numbers. The Superscripts and Subscripts Unicode block is part of the Unicode standard, which is a standardized character encoding system that allows computers to store and display text in a wide variety of scripts and languages.
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